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Project Description
The sharpotify7 is a sharpotify (spotify in c#) port to windows phone (>= 7.1 Code name Mango). And also a simple client wich is already under development.

It uses:
- AES cryptography libraries from Mono.
- The MentalisCryptography.
- csogg, csvorbis and OggMediaSource.
- The original sharpotify (based on jotify) source code

What is done?
- The spotify connection (with search and playlist edit, browse, delete and create funtianalities).
- The Ogg Player (without Playlist support, only one song by the moment).
- One simple and ugly windows phone 7 client.

- Create a new beauty client.
- Implement a full ogg player.

- Sharpotify only works with premium accounts.
- Sharpotify7 Client is not finished.
- Sharpotify7 Library is almost finished.
- All the Mono Libraries are from the Mono Project and under its license.
- Shaportify7 Client is in active developement.
- You can port it to Silverlight 4 without any problem.

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